I've had a few people ask me what the point of my posts are, what the purpose of my blog is. It's simple really, but that doesn't stop me from being unable to physically form the words with my lips to explain it. Strange how that works.

So, what's the purpose of everything I do on this blog...

I'd have to say it's to explore religiosity. And while my foremost posts are on subjects I know something about (ie. "Mormonism," and the doctrine thereof), I will eventually delve into the unknown. So why do I do this? Why don't I just run over to the doctrines and histories of other churches? Because I would hate to misrepresent some doctrine, or get some piece of history wrong; so I build up my confidence in what I already know and then I'll mess around posting about other religions.

Seems to make sense, no? And why do I "waste" my time doing research on these topics? Because it's fascinating!! What makes people believe in a higher being, a god? Why do people attribute certain events, or feelings, to a god, which then gives them the desire to convert to one religion or another? Why do people continue to persist in their religions, despite so-called "proof" to the contrary of the existence of a higher being, or "proof" that their particular religion is false, or wrong? Why would a young man or woman, or anyone of any age for that matter, choose death over denying God?

I don't expect answers to these questions, but I hope to be able to understand them to some degree, even if that understanding is just a skimming of the surface - although that's really the expectation I have of any answers I receive.